Windows 10 deadline horrors

Microsoft plan to stop free upgrades to Windows 10 on the 29th July 2016 but, is it really right for you.

Customers have reported finding Microsoft have automatically upgraded their Windows 7 or 8.1xx computer to Windows 10 and although in most cases this has not been a problem, not every device has been compatible.

We suspect that some recent Windows 10 updates have conflicted with hardware drivers that until now have worked with the Win10 upgrade. This has resulted in some application failures with a common link being the failure to display ‘Check for Microsoft updates’. Microsoft are aware of this problem but are currently unable to resolve the issue,¬†citing that the device has not been tested by the manufacturer¬†for use with Windows 10. Typical App failures include, Google Chrome, Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail App and browsers crashing when attempting to access some websites. It is possible to temporarily fix this issue however, it is short lived with the fault returning within a few days. Microsoft advise customers to go back to the previous Operating System and this is possible during the first month following initial Windows 10 installation. Laptops that suffer this problem include, ASUS X54C, A53E and some HP models.